What Is Salesforce.com?

Salesforce.com is one of the most flexible and scalable on-demand CRM solution today that runs in the cloud. Salesforce has the tools for you to become more efficient and to strengthen your customer relationships, increase sales and drive revenue.

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Why Move To The Cloud?

Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Access your organization anytime, anywhere, on any device to close deals faster, improve productivity, engage your team and customers 24/7 and reduce costs. We help to make the transition!

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Why Choose Us?

Our expansive knowledge in the software development arena allows us to help you find the best solutions so you can grow your company using the latest technology including cloud computing. We don’t just make good ideas and solutions, we mint them.

About Us

Whether you’re a startup looking to leave your mark on the world or a well-established enterprise wanting to run operations more smoothly, we are here to help you leverage Salesforce — the world’s #1 CRM application.

Our Services

Consulting & Implementation

You do not have to change your business to adapt to Salesforce, you change Salesforce to adapt to your business. Because Salesforce is 100% customizable you can connect all the dots! At mintedgeek.com we help your organization realize the value of Salesforce more quickly because every SFDC deployment, or Force.com Customization is completed with the end goal in mind. We go beyond simply building Salesforce customization, we help you determine HOW and WHY an object or business process should be structured.

Strategic Planning:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Fit/Gap Analysis
    • Budget Planning
    • Resource Planning
    • Project Planning


  • Marketing Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
    • Customer/Partner Portal
    • Sites.com & Data.com
    • Radian
Managed Services Plan

The Managed Services Plan is an on-going service plan to ensure that you fully leverage the vast array of features, updates, AppExchange products, integration opportunities and the Force.com platform to optimize your return on investment. Utilizing a Managed Services Plan will allow your company to stay up to date with an evolving business environment and take advantage of the vast array of functionality in Salesforce.com.

Benefits of the Managed Services Plan:

  • Consulting Services and support for a full range of administrative functions
  • Flexible and Cost Effective Options to support your particular needs
  • Assist with ongoing coordination of priorities, issues, and enhancements
  • Ready access to our experienced and certified team of Salesforce.com consultants
  • Increase responsiveness to changing business needs
Custom Application Development

Our Salesforce Developer Services will help you customize and extend the functionality of your Salesforce CRM to meet specific business or industry requirements. All business have long-standing internal processes in place, but every business and every process is unique in some fashion. Many times, it’s easier to design software to fix the process than to change the process to fit the software. Our founders and consulting engineers have decades of experience designing and implementing custom solutions, and we bring that expertise and balanced insight to your Salesforce.com implementation.

  • Custom Object Development
  • Custom Field Development and Configuration
  • APEX trigger development
  • APEX Class Development
  • API Development and Custom Integrations
  • Lead Assignment Development Configuration
  • Worfklow Rule Development and Configuration
  • Visualforce Development
Training & Support

A key driver in your success will be user adoption. You may have delivered the ultimate solution, but if your people are not actively using it, what good is it? We provide cross team training approach to combine the needed Salesforce.com application training with your specific business workflow and process to allow your people to, not only, understand how to use the application, but understand why. We incorporate best practices and training tips to facilitate the learning process which improves adoption.

Our Cloud training solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs to help make your business successful and include:

  • Training focused on your specific solution including any business process
  • Trainers that are familiar with your solution and business environment
  • Flexible training plans that include an End-User approach
  • Targeted follow-up training using web conferencing
  • New employee training
  • Basic Salesforce.com administrator training

In order to maintain control over your data assets, seamless integration is required between the “cloud data”, on-premise assets and any cloud-based applications in use. Only through a robust and flexible cloud data integration solution can deliver this control which contributes to your operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness as well as risk mitigation. Efficient Salesforce CRM and Force.com deployment warrants effective data loading, data synchronizing, and data extraction.

Our integration approach, whether its custom code based point-to-point integrations or enterprise service bus integrations, always complements the unique IT environment and requirements of every client, delivering the cloud integration results a smart business can hope for.

Data Migration

Upgrading or merging systems? Do it smartly. Data migration is mandatory, its high costs are optional.

Often overlooked, data migration is the process of moving existing information, usually residing on server databases, into or out of Salesforce. Information quality is critical to your CRM and your business. We believe storing your information in a single repository as the best way to keep the quality of your data high. As well as negating duplicate data, a single data source, with a suitable backup plan, is easier to update and validate. Many companies prefer the single repository to be in Salesforce which requires data migration.

For legacy or external applications that don’t have an integration path, we can help you extract and sync (or move) your data from these systems into your Salesforce.com organization. Whether the migration is one way or bidirectional, we can help you create and run an ETL process that will simplify the data loading effort.

Mobile Applications

Without a doubt, mobile is the future. Whether you want to build a full blown mobile UI for your employees or customers, or whether you are just looking for a way to easily access data on a phone or tablet, we can help. When is a sales team ever in the office? We can deliver the mobile experience for Salesforce.com users and can extend the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to iOS, Android, and Windows devices using a range of technology choices. Even when the network is nowhere to be seen.

Beyond Salesforce.com’s own mobile app, we build cloud-based applications that integrate with Salesforce.com. Using Responsive Design, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, our developers can build robust web applications that are specifically tailored to user’s needs out of the office.

Using sync technologies and Apex code, we can build offline mobile applications that when reconnected to a network update a Salesforce org and pull down the latest data. If your sales team is out of the country, out of range, or on a plane, they can still get their jobs done.

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We enjoy our work, find joy in what we do and measure excellence by customer satisfaction.

The entire team at mintedgeek.com was very professional in their approach to the implementation of our CRM and mobile aplication and provided practical options and expert guidance, all in a timely and efficient process.Jonathan Mayer